We work with analysts all over the world to create our reports. There are two roles that get assigned during the creation of our reports:

  1.  Analysis and Reporting
  2.  Reviewer

The first role reviews all artifacts and creates most of the content. The second role reviews all artifacts as well but instead of creating the content, they review the report for inaccuracies, validate the information specified in the report and point out gaps in analysis.

They also try to add additional information for blue teamers such as detailed screenshots, extra context, and additional detections. This reviewer role is very important in making sure our reports are accurate and well prepared for our consumers.

Here are our current analysts and the reports they’ve worked on:

@kostastsale 1 2 3 4

@RoxpinTeddy 1 2 3

@yatinwad 1 2

@MetallicHack 1 2

@pigerlin 1 2

@_pete_0 1 2

@ICSNick 1 2

@tas_kmanager 1 2 3

@samaritan_o 1

v3t0_ 1

@iiamaleks 1 2

@THIR_Sec 1