Mentoring & Coaching Program

Welcome to the Mentoring & Coaching Program. Designed for both aspiring and seasoned professionals in information security, we aim to elevate your skills and career prospects. Powered by the experts behind “The DFIR Report,” we bring you focused, personalized sessions in both mentoring and coaching.

Mentoring: Our mentoring program is tailored for long-term career development. With mentors skilled in various cybersecurity domains, we offer you the freedom to choose your personal mentor. This approach ensures an optimal match for your career goals and specific skills you want to hone. Your mentor will offer tailored advice, goal-setting, and in-depth insights based on years of industry experience.

Coaching: In contrast, our coaching sessions are designed for immediate impact and specific skill development. Whether it’s acing an upcoming interview or tackling a current project, our coaches provide tactical advice and hands-on exercises to address your immediate needs and challenges.

Both our mentoring and coaching programs aim to offer you the right mix of personalized guidance, industry knowledge, and practical skills.

Through this program, we are also available to help students that are seeking guidance, test preparation, topic clarification, or help with homework assignments.

What to expect

The topics discussed during the sessions will be based on your goals and aspirations. Here are a few examples of possible things to expect from this program:

1. Individualized Cybersecurity Coaching: Participate in focused discussions with seasoned cybersecurity professionals. No matter what level of experience you have in the industry, our goal is to offer clear guidance and mentorship to assist you in navigating the complexities of the information security sector.

2. Career Guidance: Besides improving your skillset, this program offers practical career recommendations. Relying on our experts’ insights into industry trends, we provide helpful tips on job opportunities and future prospects related to the cybersecurity field, linking your abilities with your professional goals. In addition, we can offer our perspective on any challenges you may be experiencing in your current workplace.

3. Technical Skills Review and Enhancement: Our program conducts a careful examination of your technical abilities, identifying areas that could benefit from enhancement. This could involve broadening your grasp of threat actors and how they operate, improving your investigative skills that could help with threat hunting or detection engineering, and enhancing your understanding of incident response methodologies. Our aim is to support your technical growth in the field no matter your specialized area of interest.

4. Soft Skills Improvement: In the cybersecurity field, soft skills hold significant importance. Our program assists you in improving these abilities, from negotiation to problem-solving, helping you to become a more effective and adaptable professional.

Selecting a mentor or coach can be a challenging task, especially when schedule flexibility is a concern. Rest assured, we eliminate the stress of guesswork when it comes to quality. All our mentors and coaches are established, trusted members of the information security community, each with considerable industry experience and demonstrated expertise. We further ensure that each professional selected on our platform is a DFIR Report member and meets the highest standards of knowledge, expertise, and commitment.

Whether you’re new to information security or looking to advance your career, our program offers a comprehensive approach for professional growth. Our mentoring program is geared toward long-term career development, while our coaching focuses on immediate, targeted skill-building. Schedule a personalized session to take the first step towards reaching your cybersecurity career goals. Begin a beneficial relationship with our dedicated mentors and coaches, and let us assist you in exploring your full potential.

How does it work?

We have two different working sessions to choose from:

30-minute session: This initial consultation is geared towards understanding you. We’ll assess your current skills, identify areas for potential growth, and go through a series of questions that will help us pair you with the right mentor or coach. This dialogue will focus on understanding your personal goals, aspirations, and any specific challenges you’re facing in your cybersecurity career. This will help us to tailor our approach to your needs. This session is for new clients only.

1-hour session: Following the initial consultation, a more extensive one-hour session will delve deeper into your identified areas of interest and potential growth. This session enables us to provide preliminary insights and address any immediate inquiries you may have. It’ll also allow for a more refined direction for future mentoring or coaching sessions based on your goals and needs. This session creates space for a more detailed discussion regarding your career trajectory, industry trends, and the specific cybersecurity skill sets you aim to acquire or sharpen.


The prices listed below are the rates for individual sessions. If you’re interested in purchasing blocks of hours for ongoing training or if you’re a student looking for discounted rates, please contact us.

Session Duration Price
30 Minutes $60
1 Hour $100

For Companies and Organizations

We’re excited to offer a specialized package tailored for companies and organizations. This package offers one-to-one training sessions with each of your employees, focusing on a range of topics in the field. The sessions are customized to align with the specific needs and goals of each employee, as well as the broader objectives of your business. This ensures that the training is as relevant and beneficial as possible. For more information or to discuss how this package can meet your business needs, please Contact Us.