Capture The Flag (CTF)

Get ready to elevate your DFIR skills with our exciting DFIR Labs Capture The Flag (CTF) competition! This event will immerse you in real-world intrusion scenarios, crafted to evaluate various facets of your DFIR and investigation knowledge.

The questions will span from beginner to expert levels, providing a comprehensive learning experience. By tackling these realistic challenges, you’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience that directly translates to real-world applications. Plus, compete for a chance to win free swag!

Are you ready to prove your skills and take your DFIR knowledge to the next level? Join us and discover how gaining practical experience can enhance your skills!

DFIR Labs CTF Details:

  • Duration: Each CTF lasts 4 hours.
  • SIEM Options: Choose between Splunk and Elastic for your SIEM tool.
  • Communication: Join our DFIR Labs CTF Discord Server for support and real-time updates.
  • Cases: You will receive access to two detailed intrusion cases.
  • Questions: Complete 20 questions within the 4-hour timeframe.
  • Access: You’ll receive access to both cases 1 hour before the start of the CTF. All you need is a web browser.
  • Support: Live support on Discord and via email.
  • Winners: Top 3 players will receive free swag and free shipping within USA, as well as names in the CTF winners book.

Next Public CTF:

  • Date/Time: September 7, 1600 – 2000 UTC
  • Price: $9.99
  • Link to Register: Register now

Business Usage

Enhance Your Team’s Skills with DFIR Labs CTF

Businesses can greatly benefit from incorporating DFIR Labs CTF competitions into their training programs. Here’s how:

  1. Real-World Training: Engage your team with realistic intrusion scenarios that simulate actual cybersecurity incidents. This hands-on experience is invaluable for improving your team’s incident response and digital forensics skills.
  2. Skill Assessment: Identify strengths and areas for improvement within your team. Our CTF challenges range from beginner to expert levels, allowing you to assess the capabilities of your employees accurately.
  3. Team Building: Foster collaboration and communication among team members. Working together to solve complex problems in a competitive environment can strengthen your team’s dynamics and effectiveness.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep your team updated with the latest cybersecurity threats and techniques. Our CTF scenarios are designed to reflect current trends and emerging threats in the cybersecurity landscape.
  5. Boost Morale: Add an element of fun and competition to your training programs. Competing for prizes and recognition can motivate your team and enhance their engagement with ongoing learning initiatives.
  6. Live Training: Combine the CTF exercise with our live training sessions, where we go over the solutions and provide valuable lessons based on the area of focus (detection engineering, threat hunting, incident response). Your team will develop investigation skills that are directly applicable to their daily operations.

Contact Us for a Private CTF

Interested in setting up a private CTF for your business or event? We offer customized CTF competitions tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Get in touch with us to learn more by contacting us here.