Threat Brief: WordPress Plugin Exploit Leads to Godzilla Web Shell, Discovery & New CVE

Below is a recent Threat Brief that we shared with our customers. Each year, we produce over 25 detailed Threat Briefs, which follow a format similar to the below. Typically, these reports include specific dates and times to provide comprehensive insights; however, please note that such information has been redacted in this public version. IOCs are available to customers within Event 27236 (uuid – fe12e833-6f0c-45c9-97d6-83337ea6c5d3).

Recent Private Threat Briefs:

  • BlackSuit Ransomware
  • BlackCat Ransomware
  • AlphV Ransomware

Upcoming Private Threat Briefs:

  • 2x LockBit Black Ransomware
  • LockBit 3.0 Ransomware

Leveraging insights from these Threat Briefs, we craft and update our Detection Ruleset, equipping you with the tools needed to identify and mitigate potential security risks efficiently. Multiple private rules were created from this report and added to our ruleset.

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